We are Chunn & Nuh from Phuket, Thailand, we both were born in 70's, have studied and graduated from the same high school, and now we both enjoy using the Canon 50D!

We are not such a kind of serious photographers, just enjoy taking many pictures  and have nothing much to do with them (at least at the moment). We love to share them among our friends, and like to hear what they may say about our photos.

This photoblog is created to share out our views to other people... in the world. It's great that the technology of blogging today allows us to do this without much effort.

Since we are living in Phuket, one of the most populous beaches and islands destination of Thailand, then most photographs are about seascape and landscape of the province. However, more photos from other locations (it we got a chance to visit) are posted as well.

All photos are taken by both of us (for sure) but some of our posted photos will be edited and changed for real or more real as the way we like!!! and you are welcomed to comment :)

However, our work on this blog are copyrighted, please ask for our permission before making use of our pictures.

Pichest Boonwiroon & Vissanu Sangsiri